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ewaka only 4 connections now?

Started by nuhkka, October 19, 2009, 05:23:09 PM

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until about a week ago i was able to get 8 connections from ewaka at around 60kb/s each.. my dl speeds were around ~480kb/s, but about a week ago ive only been getting 4 connections at still 60kb/s, so speeds are only ~240kb/s

so has anyone actually ever gotten 20mbit from ewaka? and is anyone currently using more than 4 connections and faster than ~240kb/s ?? i tried different servers with no luck, same speeds/connections on both..


What is ewaka, is this an HE service?


It isn't an HE service,nor do we provide any kind of support for it. However I guess people post here asking things about 3rd parties because they see how active our forums are regarding IPv6. I'm certainly hoping the OP took the time to contact Eweka considering they are trying to use their service.


QuoteWhat is ewaka, is this an HE service?

I didn't know either, so I looked it up.  Looks like Ewaka is a Dutch ISP that functions on a pre-paid basis.   http://www.eweka.nl/en/home/


Edit: Eweka isn't working anymore. Skip the part about Eweka.

Eweka has limited the usenet test server.
- connections from 8 to 4.
- speedlimit for each connection to 60 KB/s.
- 378 days to 114 days retention.

Because of the high server load the server became Unstable.

You can also use the next two usenet test servers:
XS News
Enter your email at http://www.xsnews.com/ipv6/ipv6_aanvraag.php
and use the user name/password received by email.
port 119
max 8 connections
retention 254 days

port 119
max 4 connections
retention 24 days
No username / password

Use the servers with a newsreader supporting simultaneously downloading from multiple servers like Newsleecher.
Newsleecher is not IPv6 capable so you need nt6Tunnel or netsh portproxy.

Newsleecher settings:
server address:, port: 1117, server nickname: IPv6 Eweka, connections: 2 ,priority: 1
server address:, port: 1118, server nickname: IPv6 Newszilla6, connections: 2 ,priority: 1
server address:, port: 1120, server nickname: IPv6 XS News, connections: 2 ,priority: 1

Make 3 bat files, for every line a new batfile.
start "IPv6 Eweka" "%PROGRAMFILES%\IPv6\nt6tunnel\NT6tunnel" -vd 1117 news.ipv6.eweka.nl 119
start "IPv6 Newszilla6" "%PROGRAMFILES%\IPv6\nt6tunnel\NT6tunnel" -vd 1118 newszilla6.xs4all.nl 119
start "IPv6 XS News" "%PROGRAMFILES%\IPv6\nt6tunnel\NT6tunnel" -vd 1120 reader.ipv6.xsnews.nl 119

netsh lines ( place in one bat file and run after hurricane is working):
netsh interface portproxy add v4tov6 listenport=1117 connectaddress=news.IPv6.eweka.nl connectport=119
netsh interface portproxy add v4tov6 listenport=1118 connectaddress=newszilla6.xs4all.nl connectport=119
netsh interface portproxy add v4tov6 listenport=1120 connectaddress=reader.IPv6.xsnews.nl connectport=119

This is not the full manual. I have skipped parts from the dutch manual.


ok thnx for the clarity  ;D, yeah i guess im in the wrong place :-\ , i just did a quick google search and ended up here .. and since i use the HE services i made the thread  :D