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Dynamic dns for windows

Started by piojan, November 18, 2009, 12:31:57 PM

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Has anyone got any expirience with a sollution that would update the AAAA record when the windows ipv6 address changes.
Just like no-ip or dyndns but for ipv6 and with a windows client.
My computer obtains the ipv6 by autoconfiguration and it could be useful to be able to access it remotly by the host name.
Lets omit the though about setting a fixed ip.

Piotr J.


Windows DNS does this if you're on a domain


I guess my next question is why is your IP address changing?  If you're using RA, the address is built from the MAC address, so it would never change


I figure he's either using 6to4, or Teredo or he has IPv6 privacy on.  Note that the original v6 does still work for a while even with privacy turned on, but I don't really like it.

To turn it off, you can issue the command:  netsh int ipv6 set privacy disabled

Anyways, if for whatever reason you can't get your v6 to stop changing, I'm not sure if any of the dynDNS services support v6 yet or not.  DynDNS.com has an IPv6 NS, but doesn't seem to have dynamic updates.

One thing you could do is configure your own BIND deamon and domain (you'd have to reg a domain of course and pay for it, unless there's some free service that does delegations for subdomains or something).  the configure your BIND daemon to accecpt dynamic updates, and windows will update it with its hostname, both for IPv4 and IPv6.  Then you could get to your host via that.  

EDIT:  Googling around, I just found http://www.dns6.org/ which appears to offer dynamic ipv6 DNS support.  May be others out there too.  I think http://freedns.afraid.org/ also does it, but not clear from their page.


I was thinking about a scenario where a laptop with Windows is not part of the domain.
And yes - I was thinking about the ip changing due to privacy being enable (with RA).
Also when changing networks the RA would be different.

http://www.dns6.org/ is interesting but I couldn't find a windows client (there are few unix based) and had some problems registering.

Piotr J

http://freedns.afraid.org/ might only work for A RR (not sure). After login to the dyn dns page one can find:
"0 dynamic update candidates! (A records)"


I bet you could get some of the dns6.org programs/scripts for Cygwin.  If packages don't exist already, you could probably compile them to work.  Or if it's a script, they'd likely run with little or no modification.

EDIT: of course if the script uses ip or ifconfig, you'd have to change it to parse output of ipconfig or something like that, which shouldn't be rocket science.