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Setting up D-Link DIR-615 router

Started by b1izzard, December 04, 2009, 10:19:07 PM

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Suppose my ISP  provided me with a static IP of But I have an unique public IP of The Router has its default IP of
Then What IP should I put in the  Local IPv4 Address


My router settings are
IPv6 Connection Type :   IPv6 in IPv4 Tunnel
Network Status :   Connected
WAN IPv6 Address :   2001:470:18:1292::2/64
IPv6 Default Gateway :   2001:470:18:1292::1
LAN IPv6 Address :   2001:470:19:1292::1/64
LAN IPv6 Link-Local Address :   fe80::baa3:86ff:fe4a:43e/64
Primary DNS Address :   2001:470:20::2
Seccondary DNS Address :   none

But still cant get ipv6 on win pc bt can ping from router interface