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IPv6 capable phones

Started by broquea, January 07, 2010, 03:57:33 PM

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the e71 or the e71x?  i have the x and unfortunately, its a stripped down version of the e71


I have a rooted G1 running CyanogeMod 5.0.7-test7 which is Android 2.1-update1. How can I configure this for IPV6 (On T-Mo btw)?


Quote from: cholzhauer on May 21, 2010, 06:38:40 AM
the e71 or the e71x?  i have the x and unfortunately, its a stripped down version of the e71
Just the E71  ;). If you've got radvd installed at your network the device will get an IPv6 address. Static IPv6 doesn't work unfortunately (there is no such setting). Try visiting ip6.me in the browser or Opera Mobile, and click the "IPv6 only test". You'll see that it works!

I'll take a screenshot soon and post it here, so you folks can see it really works  :)


Quote from: Copyright1 on May 23, 2010, 12:02:34 AM
I have a rooted G1 running CyanogeMod 5.0.7-test7 which is Android 2.1-update1. How can I configure this for IPV6 (On T-Mo btw)?

I guess on mobile networks like 3G you won't get an IPv6 address and most mobile phones don't establish 6to4 or similar addressing technics.

Connect to a wireless network which run already IPv6 autoconfiguration.


The Motorola Milestone uses also IPv6. and connect well to ipv6.he.net.
Firmware: 2.1-update1


Quote from: sttun on May 02, 2010, 01:50:33 PM
Quote from: kcochran on March 11, 2010, 09:12:02 AM
While the resolver can return AAAA records, the iPhone doesn't have any v6 transport options in it currently.  Even the old trick of opening a v6 UDP socket and getting your local socket address bombs on the device.  Works in the sim, but it isn't _quite_ the same iPhone OS as a device.  We can hope that'll change for whatever 4.0 turns out to be.
Well as an Iphone developer (no apps yet)  I can confirm that Iphone os 4.0 beta 2 can use ipv6 on a lan using autocogfiguration (ie router advertisement)
And safari mobile supports it
well here comes the screenshot to prove it



Seems like lots of phones start to support v6 but the sad part is the networks are not..


I was told by the the t-mobile guy that their whole net is IPv6 native and uses NAT64 to get to the IPv4 internet.  I've never used that carrier so I haven't been able to play with it.


Verizon phones might support IPv6 too, but have the feature "turned off."  I acquired one of those "femtocell" devices (Verizon calls it a "Network Extender" - it's a personal mini-cell site).  The source code configuration indicates that IPv6 is not enabled by default but is a loadable (Linux) module.  Verizon does NOT use IPv6 on their DSL network yet, so they probably don't support it on their cellular network either.  Does anyone know for certain?


Nokia 5530 is IPv6-capable (I tried it via wifi and stateless auto-configuration). The only problem is that the internal browser prefer the A record instead of the AAAA. If the site is IPv6-only no problem.
Also the nokia N70 is IPv6 capable but I couldn't test it because it does only 3G and here there isn't any 3G provider that offer IPv6. Maybe I'll post some screenshoots later.


Finally got my Moto Droid running Froyo up and running with IPv6. Tunnel is a routed /64 from my personal server, going over a routed /64 from HE.
All of that is over ppp0, NOT tiwlan0. Hooyah mobile IPv6 (until I DHCP assigns me another IPv6 address)! I suppose I need an automatic update system. I could write a widget to connect to a port on my server via v4 and tell it to change the appropriate things.

Image is 4000x3000 pixels, viewable at http://mars.pulpie.net/DSCN0251.JPG, if you can't read it here. :)



I just got an htc EVO 4g (Sprint).  I can confirm it does IPV6.  i'm posting from it right now.


Not quite a cell phone, however as part of my personal project time playing with FreeSwitch and and IPv6 only VOIP/SIP system, I finally managed to get my hands on a Moimstone IP215S. After finding a 5V-2A adapter to power it up (lab d-link wasn't using it) and letting it get an IPv4 address, I logged into the web interface and went straight to it's "Networking" tab. Lo and behold, a wonderful static/RA option for configuring it's IPv6 address, and even disabling it's IPv4 address! :D