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--- Quote from: DOMBlogger on September 08, 2011, 07:14:08 PM ---I deleted my tunnel as my current router seems to mangle the tunnel packets, it only works if I put my laptop directly behind the Cable Modem

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Unfortunately the type of tunnel HE uses doesn't really work behind NAT. Some nats will work in some scenarios but it's not a setup I can reccomend. IMO you should either get a router that can terminate the tunnel on the router or get a tunnel provider that can be used from behind NAT (I use freenet6 myself)

--- Quote ---Also, due to the way Apache works, individual SSL certs for hosted domains with name based virtual hosting is problematic.
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It's not apache that is the problem, it's the design of SSL itself. They eventually added an extension called SNI to support name based virtual hosting but a significant proportion of web users still don't support it.

Still I expect SNI support to be ubiquitous within a few years. Pretty much the only significant browsers that don't support it are internet explorer on windows XP and the default browser on old versions of andriod. I expect both to fade away from the public internet over the next few years as consumers replace their hardware and corps either move away from a version that no longer gets security updates or at least stop using the shipped browser for general web browsing to reduce their exposure.

On the other hand I have serious doubts about ubiquitous IPv6 any time soon. In particular I discovered that windows7 will disable teredo support by default if it sees a domain controller on the local network (and apparently it thinks one of my linux boxes is a domain controller). So I expect clients on corporate networks to remain v4 only for a LONG time.


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