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problem with AT&T DSL 2701HG-B modem

Started by thomaswatteyne, March 27, 2010, 11:22:20 PM

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I'm using an IPv6 tunnel beautifully at work, but I'd like to do the same at home. The issue is that I am with AT&T DSL, using the 2701HG-B DSL modem/router, and I can not figure out what is going wrong.

I made sure that my IPv4 endpoint (the public IPv4 address of my router) is pingable, yet the computer I want to use to establish the tunnel is behind a NAT. It seems that the 2701HG-B does not forward protocol 41...

Anyone was able to establish a tunnel using a similar setting? Any recommendation is very welcome!


well, if you want to host the tunnel on your computer, and your computer is behind a nat, you have to use the private ip address of your computer when setting up the tunnel.

does your router have a dmz function that you could place your computer in?


Worse comes to worse, if your modem doesn't support protocol 41 forwarding at all, you could possibly put it into bridge mode and use a PC w/ linux or BSD or m0n0wall or pfsense as your router.  Or buy some standalone hardware router to use.