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Tomato USB Crashing after enabling IPv6 forwarding

Started by punkfx, August 10, 2011, 12:40:21 PM

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hey ppl! Maybe someone could guess my problem.
i have an Asus RT-N16 running tomato usb. it's a pretty stable combo (at least for me) that didnt give me any problems till now...
as described, i can establish a tunnel without any problems, but, when i try to enable ipv6 forwarding it crash without any clues about what happen. (im serious.. didnt find anything relevant in the logs)
Let me give u guys a brief:

from rt-n16 --> HE = Ok! i have full connectivity!
from rt-n16 --> ipv6.google.com = Ok! i have full connectivity!
from internal PC --> rt-n16 LAN interface = Ok!  i have full connectivity!
from internal PC --> rt-n16 local tunnel ipv6 addr = Ok!  i have full connectivity!
from internal PC --> rt-n16 remote tunnel ipv6 addr = NOT OK!  No connectivity!
from internal PC --> ipv6.google.com = NOT OK! But this one is obvious...

Well, i have default routes on every needed device (rt-n16 and PC). We can be sure about that because i can ping from rt-n16 to google, so...
another thing is that most times, when i enable the ipv6 forwarding on rt-n16 (echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/all/forwarding) i could get a single reply from google before the rt-n16 crash (testing from PC in this case).
My problem is that i cant get the routed /64 to work without enabling ipv6 forwarding... :/

Maybe i could get any help from the community, since im a bit limited on linux to troubleshoot this case... (remember, no relevant logs.)

Even if no one knows the answer, really thx for reading an trying! ^^


PS: we can test almost anything, since its just a home thing! so, dont be shy! :P