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Got Enthusiast, now on to Administrator

Started by fonestar, April 14, 2010, 11:29:41 PM

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Thank-you for this service and forum.  I am learning alot and it fits nicely with the CCNA material I study as well.

I have used Linux as an end-user for years but have never set up Linux as a mail server or sql-server, only as a web-server.  So here I go, where to start?  I already have a working Linux machine (Ubuntu) with ipv6 connectivity.

Would it be a fair assumption to say that I will need non-filtered port access to SMTP and thus, a business account with my ISP?


Your ISP provides you with filtered IPv6? Or you use a tunnel they know nothing about so port 25 shouldn't be filtered over a TCP stack they don't provide?



Just install postfix or something like that.  minimal config should be fine.  You can also throw apache or something like mini-httpd or lighthttpd for a web server.  You don't need an SQL server.

As Broquea says, if you're getting your IPv6 via HE, port 25 won't be filtered since they have no idea since it's in a tunnel.


Ah, yes the tunnel!  I've been (dig)ging so hard I have forgotten it is there!