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Certification Sage Level Requirement

Started by lairdnet, July 05, 2010, 05:23:53 PM

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Hey guys, I had a great time this weekend messing around with setting everything up to get through the cert test requirements and made it through the Guru stage but I'm trapped there now ;) I registered a new domain ip6mail.com to do the mail server tests but it wanted to use ip6.laird.us for the subdomain ns record tests (I'm assuming because i registered with that domain as my primary e-mail address) so I went ahead and established the ns records and completed that step. Now it will only let me use ip6.laird.us for the glue records test but that domain is DNS managed at Godaddy which won't support ipv6 glue records on .us domains, is there any way to complete this step using my test domain ip6mail.com which I already configured with glue records?

Thanks again.
Travis Laird


If godaddy doesn't support ipv6 glue, then there will be a gap if ipv6 reachability. And the test was designed to test from the top down, without using any ipv4. So should be a no then.


You will need to email he and have them reset your test so you can use the other domain.  You'll have to start all over, but since you know what to do now, it won't take long to go through again


patrickdk, GoDaddy does support glue records on .com, .net and .org but not .us domains, that's the issue, for some reason the final test automatically selected the domain of my e-mail address (laird.us) instead of the domain i used earlier in the test (ip6mail.com).



The "domain" or "url" you entered for Enthusiast (later used for Guru and Sage) was: ip6.laird.us

The email address entered was: removed@ip6mail.com

We're testing against "ip6.laird.us".

If you need it reset back to explorer, please email ipv6@he.net