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Title: Ubuntu 10.04 Server Not Responding?
Post by: Cooldood on September 20, 2010, 06:25:25 PM
Hi. I would like to start off with this: I love your service. It is the best. I have one problem though. I recently installed Ubuntu 10.04 Server Edition as my Desktop was putting way too much load on my server. I used the command: pptp user MYUSERNAME password MYPASSWORD noauth lock. Now, when I do this, it will not respond. Can anyone help me? I tried to use the tutorial at, but wanted to do this instead because of other issues. Also, when I look at my VPN status at the "Tunnel Details", it says it's up but it's not responding. Everything works on the localhost, but not throughout the internet. I have done numerous fresh installs of my operating system, but it still won't work.

Any ideas?