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Title: Network Solutions glue
Post by: boab on September 03, 2020, 06:42:31 AM
Do any Sage's have their domains registered with Network Solutions? I'm told that they only allow one IP address with each NS entry (IPv4 OR IPv6), is this the case?
For my domain I have configured 5 NS entries 3x IPv4 and 2x IPv6 on their site. I run my own DNS servers which have IPv4 & IPv6 configured for most things. All appears to be working fine, but I have changed my configuration since passing the Sage test.
Initially I had only 2x NS  configured and Network Solutions changed them both to IPv6 addresses, instead of adding them as expected, this almost instantly stopped all my email flowing including my mails to query what had happened! The whole process has taken over 2 weeks of hard work.
Getting my Sage certification took a lot of googling to get there, even though I got the concept from the start. It would be nice if people published their own experience to highlight where to register if you have a choice. 
Title: Re: Network Solutions glue
Post by: Zane Reick on September 24, 2020, 11:21:24 AM
I may not have my domains registered with Network Solutions, but I did run into what seems to be a similar issue to what you might be having.
Assuming you have glue records with your provider, you should set the first NS to an IPv6 address, then the second NS to an IPv6 address. Then, on your own DNS server, go ahead and assign IPv6 and IPv4 addresses to the NS addresses you set in the glue records. Once the TLD NSes have propagated your NS addresses, all future DNS requests will pretty much entirely bypass the TLD NSes, and go straight to your server where they will find both IPv4 and v6 addresses for your NS, which will then override the TLD servers since they aren't authoritative for your domain. I can post screenshots to better describe what I am talking about if wanted.