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Questions & Answers / Re: Usage statistics
« on: August 05, 2008, 03:30:08 PM »
Not necessarily, Ill have a look at the automation scripts but the test only attempts to generate latency information to the client v6 address.  Lots of people dont respond to ping6 etc.. so they dont show up in the list.


Is the latency list being updated for the new tunnels added?

For example, the Los Angeles tunnel is listing only 7 (for a top 20) but there are more than 50 tunnels allocated, so shouldn't the list be a full 20 users long?

Miami lists only one entry, but (as of the time of this post) has 58 tunnels.

Not a bad point, message updated accordingly.


is better use may cause problems when lost ipv6 connectivity

Its almost like you were testing while I was pegging something in place to make it so you guys can automate without having to guess :)

The error code at : should now have the proper code for calling that script.

basically in the change of platforms we ran up against a need to get rid of all the old session/authentication code from the old broker.  As such the ipv4_end script was not going to work right anymore.

The tunnelbroker itself now uses ipv4_update.php to do stuff inside itself and ipv4_end should never need to be updated again.

All you need to do is grab your variables once (The user_id is on the main page for your account, the tunnel_id is the global id on the tunnel details page, and the password can be generated by doing an md5 hash of your password) and then it should run forever.

We are also going to be able to now add support for other interesting update mechanisms like dynamic dns, etc...


maybe curl do some emulation

i test directly on browser, and i get this error:

Update IPv4 Endpoint
SELECT username from auth_user_md5 where password = '' limit 1That password is not valid

edit: this error is funny :)
Code: [Select]
Please use the format

Questions & Answers / Re: Other tunnel server locations planned.
« on: June 26, 2008, 01:44:25 PM »
Seattle and LAX should be deployed in the next week or so, keep an eye out for the announcement.


It looks as if Seattle and Los Angeles are the only areas where HE has a point of presence yet not deployed a tunnel server.  Any plans for those last two areas?

(I consider all 5 points with 3 tunnel servers in the SF Bay area as one for purposes of this question.)

Questions & Answers / Re: Update cycles
« on: June 23, 2008, 01:11:25 PM »
Generally speaking RDNS should update on ns1-3 pretty quickly (Within a few minutes) and 4-5 within a 3 hour window.

If you are having problems then please drop an email to and we will sort it out with you.

Questions & Answers / Re: /48 RDNS Delegation
« on: May 28, 2008, 06:18:35 PM »
RDNS for the point to point (1f06) /64 is not delegated to the users.  These entries are maintained by the Tunnel Broker Platform for management reasons.

The 1f07 /64 is delegated to you and routed to the ::2 side of your 1f06/64. 

The 1F06 /64 is the rough equivilant of a /30 in IPv4 for defining a point to point connection.  (We used to use /127's, there are even some who still have /127's for PTP's)

Depending on your OS setting up an IP from the routed /64 on your tunnel endpoint and getting routing working is most likely trivial.  (And a 1F07 /64 would have reverse delegated to whoever you setup which would solve your problem).


i have a somewhat related question...

my Subnet(routed/64) is ****:***:1f07:***::/64
while my ip is ****:***:1f06:***::2/64 (with the *** being the same characters in both)

Is it supposed to be one number off???

I am able to access the tunnel from my Ubuntu machine.  I can log in to IRC and see either the full ipv6 Ip or the name.

I am using for the rDNS.  if i add the subnet with the "1f07", it doesn't let me modify any of the first four "octets?" when i try to set the IP.  If i use the "1f06", i can set the IP, but i get a "BROKEN" error. (output in a paste-bin).

I'm lost at this point.  Which end did i screw up on? Over here or over there at freedns?

This is what i am trying to do....

I own the domain "" ... i have pointed the subdomain "" to my Ubuntu box (IPv4), as soon as either comes back up, or if i find another DNS that supports IPv6, i will be pointing it to the IPv6 address as well.  So i'd like the rDNS to be

Questions & Answers / Re: /48 RDNS Delegation
« on: May 28, 2008, 11:25:36 AM »
Everything in the IPv6 RDNS world here should be settling in now, if you see your allocation on ns1-3 and not on 4-5 or the other way around give it until tommorow morning to sort out in the dns server farms and then if you are still having a problem drop an email to (A much better resource for troubleshooting actual problems).

If you have put in your entries and dont have anything RDNS wise try removing the entries and resubmitting them.  If after that you still dont have entries email me at

Questions & Answers / Re: Problem with
« on: May 26, 2008, 08:51:31 AM »
Should all be better now, give it a test and if you are still having problems send an email to so we can look at your specific tunnel.


Questions & Answers / Re: /48 RDNS Delegation
« on: May 17, 2008, 10:27:24 AM »

You had other expectations of early adopters? :)

Not really :)  Its a good amazed though, im glad to see so many people who care about things like Reverse DNS.  Having spent the last 15 years explaining to people in v4 who dont care about why we should all have working forward and reverse, its a breath of fresh air to be caught whenever I break it for our tunnelbroker :).

Also I will use this opportunity, we have automated all of our IPv6 reverse dns across the network , if you see any traceroutes that cross HE's network with broken rdns for one of our links please let me know.

Questions & Answers / Re: Usage statistics
« on: May 13, 2008, 10:48:31 AM »
They are updating right now, and will be running at roughly this time each morning, they only check for ipv6 latency from your tunnel endpoint so if you dont allow icmp from your tunnel server you wont ever show up on those stats.

Questions & Answers / Re: /48 RDNS Delegation
« on: May 07, 2008, 05:58:57 PM »
It always amazes me how fast our users catch me :)  So whats going on on our side is that we have migrated all the DNS over from ns1.ipv6 and ns2.ipv6 to the ns1 - 5 servers.  This give us better standardization and removes a few more of the legacy pieces of hardware from our system.

In order to do this we had to make changes with ARIN for our own delegation, and I think some of you may still be being referred to ns1.ipv6 etc for reverse DNS.  By tomorrow morning everything should be propagated up to the root's and at that point everyone should be going to (Through for all their queries.

If you are still having any RDNS issues or don't see things working the way they are, drop me an email at and let me know so we can sort it out.

News & Updates / UPDATE - March 4th, 2008
« on: March 04, 2008, 06:00:08 PM »
Okay /48's should have reverse delegated to the Name Servers on record for your /64. If you have any issues let me know with appropriate dig output at and I will "Dig" into it.

IPv6 Basics & Questions & General Chatter / Re: How do I get started?
« on: March 03, 2008, 02:17:43 AM »
Which does lead to a really interesting question for anyone reading , other than pinging things what do you do with your tunnel?  What IPv6 capable sites do you like to visit?  Any interesting IPv6 services you have found?

Questions & Answers / Re: Multiple tunnels
« on: February 27, 2008, 05:48:23 PM »
how about multible tunnles to the same /64

I'm thinking of setting up IPv6 at a friend's house and then a 6/4 vpn between our houses

A /64 is routed to the end of a specific tunnel, there is no way to have multiple tunnels with the same /64 on them if thats what you are asking for.

I am adding over the next few days features that should allow multiple tunnels per account, but each tunnel will always be a discrete ipv4-ipv4 tunnel with a /64 (And/Or a /48 now) routed over it.

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