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Hello ALL,

First and foremost, thanks a lot for the great service provided by HE.NET.
Getting to the point:

I have a shell script which automagically creates and deploys virtual machines, etc, etc.
When these virtual machines come up, they "phone home" by updading their IPv6 address onto
Its just a matter of something like this below (for the benefit of people landing to this page from random reasons):

Code: [Select]
function update_ipv6 {
  local fqdn=""
  local ddnspasswd="ddns key obtained from"

  /usr/bin/curl -6 "" -d "hostname=\${fqdn}" -d "password=\${ddnspasswd}"  | /usr/bin/logger -f /var/log/ddnd-update.log 2>&1

This works well enough and I'm satisfied.
However, I would like to automate the process even further: I would like to create entries on so that virtual machines would later update their IPv6 addresses as already described.

At the moment, creating entries on has to be done by hand or using some weird/dirty measures by mimicking a human sitting in front of a web browser, pressing buttons, etc.

So, I'd like to request HE.NET for making your API available to the general public so that clients and enthusiasts could benefit from that.

Thank you very much,

-- Richard Gomes


I'm trying to configure my laptop to publish its IPv6 address to

When I'm at home it simply works because my router has a IPv6 tunnel already configured and ddclient simply publishes the IPv6 address.
When I'm in Brazil it works because I connect via mobile tethering and the mobile network operator in Brazil supports IPv6.
However, the vast majority of mobile network operators in the UK do not support IPv6 as yet :-( and, in this case, I suppose I should establish a tunnel for my laptop via mobile tethering.

A bit off topic, but I suppose I should have an exclusive IPv4 endpoint allocated to me by the mobile network operator.
More info here:
Quote: "If you are going to use DYNDNS then by using the following APN setting Three mobile should allocate you with a Public IP Address."

Well, supposing that the mobile network operator allocated a public IPv4 endpoint for me, I've headed to and tried to create a new tunnel.
Then I've got the message: "IP is not ICMP pingable. Please make sure ICMP is not blocked. If you are blocking ICMP, please allow through your firewall."

Any idea if and how this difficulty could be circumvented?

Note: I'm not really sure if the mobile network operator really allocated an IPv4 to me.
I've tried many times after rebooting the phone many times but I don't have any evidence that IPv4 endpoint(s) I get were allocated exclusively to me.

Thanks a lot,

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