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I'm still really new to all this, but have run in to a problem that I'm not sure how to handle.

Got one firewall (Palo Alto, shame on them, for not supporting 6in4 tunnels) where our public lab IPv4 subnet is terminated.

Since I can't create the tunnel on the firewall, I was thinking about just adding a small linux VM behind that FW, that creates the tunnel to (that part works fine), but I really want the main firewall to handle all network related rules (ipv4/6), my initial ideas would be to just route the /48 to an IPv6 client address assigned to the Palo Alto firewall from the /64 net, but it seems to be hard coded to route it to ::2 (the "Client IPv6 Address" on the tunnel details), which is on the linux VM, so that wont help me much, unless I'm missing something completely.

Does anyone, have any ideas how I can achieve this, or got any pointers for stuff to search for, if its possible at all.

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