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Any updates on this? Now that Let's Encrypt has officially launched their v2 API with wildcard support (which only works with the dns-01 challenge method by the way), it would be nice if had an API as well.

Yeah, I also don't like having to store the login credentials of the account in a file like that. A system with an API key would be much better.

Even better would be if we could also limit what the API key can do and assign rights to it. For example: only create/edit/remove TXT records. So that when somebody unauthorized gets a hold of the API key that they can't do too much damage by for example changing A/AAAA records and such.

Any progress on getting a *real* API from itself?

Or at least something that let's us more easily add (and remove!) TXT records via a HTTPS call instead of these (nice and clever, by the way) hacks by parsing the HTML code, which are prone to fail when they make a breaking change.

They already have something in place for dynamic DNS updates via curl, so in theory they could go and take that and adapt it for doing TXT stuff.

There is something on the homepage under "Upcoming Features!" named "Expanding our DDNS service to support TXT records" but that seems to be related to DDNS (I assume that abbreviation stands for dynamic DNS), and thus not "normal" hostnames. Unless it is just poorly worded by the person that typed out that line of text. It is confusing to me. I don't use DDNS.

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