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Show off your shirt! ***PHOTOS ONLY***

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James Carter:
I received my shirt. I can't wear it though. I think I got the wrong size. I received an XL... unfortunately I wear XXL... I thought I had input XXL when verifying my address. It's possible I didn't. Oh well... The shirt will stay more pristine this way. Since it is white a ketchup, mustard, or marinara stain is inevitable anyway... thanks to Hurricane for the shirt and for the provided tunnel and training.

Received my t-shirt yesterday and it  just fits great to me. Thank you Hurricane!!!

HE, good timing on the shirt! I finally got that yesterday! and thank you!

I decided to wear it to work today unknowingly it is ipv6 day!

Happy ipv6 day everyone!!

(images available via ipv4 and ipv6  ;D )

I received mine late last week.  Thanks HE.

Christopher Cain

Got mine!  thanks guys!


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