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Setting MX record with Gogo6/Freenet6 tunneler

Started by tristor, December 24, 2010, 05:24:20 AM

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Howdy All,

I'm trying to get my IPv6 Cert, and I've got a working config of XMail running on my Win 7 desktop when used via localhost, but I don't know of a way currently to change the MX record for my custom subdomain from gogo6.  The web portion was simple as Gogo6 includes a version of Apache HTTPd and does basic configuration for you through the client, but for mail its being a pain.  Since I already have the tunnel broker portion working, I'd like to continue working with it if at all possible, if not, I guess I will have to find another tunnel broker and possible register a throwaway domain to use for IPv6 so I can control DNS.



I don't know if you can...Are you able to set up a domain for the /56 they give you?

If you are, you could do it that way.

Probably something you should ask on the GoGo6 forums