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Problems delegating RDNS to He.net and adding PTR record

Started by a2north, September 06, 2010, 02:46:37 PM

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I have delegated my RDNS to he.net. from the tunnel details page of my tunnel at tunnelbroker.net

my ip6 address for my mailhost mail.romanvals.com is 2002:43b1:9b40:1:20c:29ff:fefe:b67a /64.
When I add the PTR record at dns.he.net I use
romanvals.com gets added to the end of it.

Is this the correct way to add the PTR record? I am trying to get my RDNS working for the professional cert.
Any guidance would be appreciated.



0.4.b.9.1.b. is a separate zone that needs to be set up separately, and your PTR record inserted into it.  You are also missing 4 hex digits in the label of your PTR as it should have 32, but you have only 28.

Delegation to name servers is performed via the NRO website:  http://6to4.nro.net/