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IPv6 GLUE at Network Solutions...

Started by bluthunder, November 14, 2010, 04:29:38 AM

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Hi everyone....

Working my way through the tests after having gotten everything setup...

Finally up to the point of the sage TLD glue test.  

I've sent my e-mail to network solutions as they indicate on the host setup page of the manage account options.  

Got a reply, says it takes 24-48 hours...

But...  I'm curious with those of you who have done this with netsol -- what's your typical turnaround time been on this request?

(i've been doing the net thing since 93 - my memories of "e-mailing" network solutions for changes bring back memories of weeks - if not months, so i'm just curious  ;) )

Thanks in advance...



I've not used network solutions, I eventually gave in and used a GoDaddy domain I had laying around.


When we had ns2-5 done, we had to actually call in. Email was not the correct way to get it done, at the time a few years ago.


Took 10 days for anyone curious about the time with Network Solutions (at least for me).

It also came with an apology for why it took so long as well.