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Having trouble with guru test

Started by rjg33, December 22, 2010, 06:33:48 AM

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Would this concept work or am I not understanding this correctly?

I have a domain name at Godaddy which I've changed the name servers to ns2.he.net and ns3.he.net.

I went to dns.he.net and set up dns records accordingly and removed the ns record for ns1.he.net.
I've waited 30 hours for ttl to die.

The problem is I cant pass step 3(last step) of the guru test.

My question is if I'm wrong in my concept or if I'm doing everything correctly and there is a technical issue. If its a technical issue, I can provide nslookup results and post my dns records and such.


The reason why I deleted ns1.he.net is because of this:
"IMPORTANT: You are now able to remove ns1.he.net from the list of nameservers. We omit the quad A record (AAAA) on ns1.he.net to work around a number of broken IPv6 implementations. To include only those nameserver's that are dual stack, you may remove ns1.he.net from the list above. If you do not need this requirement, please leave ns1.he.net in the list."

I have a feeling this could be my problem?
Does this mean dns.he.net is not compatible with the certification test?