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Daily Tests

Started by kasperd, November 24, 2011, 12:54:56 PM

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I hope suggesting a slight modification to existing tests (rather than suggesting a new test) isn't off-topic for this forum.

I think it is a bit unfortunate that you can't really submit the daily tests on a daily basis. You have to wait 24 hours from one submission before the next, but that means the only way to do it daily is if you somehow do it at exactly the same time each day. So it would only be those persons who have a script to automatically submit the forms that manage to submit them daily. Otherwise you'll end up having to submit it a bit later each day until it gets too late, and you'll have to skip a day.

I'd consider it more appropriate if you can submit them daily even if the exact time you submit them vary a little bit. I believe the following pseudocode would do the right thing:

if (current_time < earliest_permitted_submission) {
} else  {
   earliest_permitted_submission = max(earliest_permitted_submission+24*3600,current_time+16*3600);

That way you would have to wait at least 16h between two submissions, but you still won't be able to submit more than one per day on a longer term. That allows for 8h of variation in what time during the day you submit the test.