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Trouble configuring tunnel under windows 7

Started by Mangix, February 15, 2011, 12:58:24 AM

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I used to have my router set to DMZplus mode and let all my firewall needs get handled by Windows Firewall. Now I decided to go back to using a hardware firewall.

When I used DMZplus mode I could use the tunnel just fine. After reconfiguring it, something's wrong. I have port 41 forwarded and ping works as well. So I re-created my tunnel and removed Microsoft's tunnel adapter only to add it in again. I put the 192... IP instead of my real one and copy/pasted everything else but for some reason this is no go.

Any thoughts?


It is protocol 41 not port 41. It looks like your hardware firewall is blocking protocol 41. You will have to allow it or stay with using the DMZ.