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'rebuild tunnel' gone?

Started by bugfood, July 24, 2008, 09:51:57 PM

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A couple times a year I end up getting a new IPv4 address from my ISP. If I remember correctly from the last time, getting my tunnel working again is a 2-step process:

1. Change the client IPv4 endpoint in the tunnel details.
2. Click the 'rebuild tunnel' button.

I lost my previous IPv4 address recently, and now I can't find the 'rebuild tunnel' button anywhere. Has it been removed or am I just not seeing it?



It is gone.

Instead you click on your ipv4 endpoint under tunnel details, which will load a page to change it, enter new endpoint, click submit, and it will update the endpoint on the tunnel server.


Many thanks for the quick response. I wasn't expecting one until tomorrow. :)

My new IPv4 address appeared to be correctly changed under tunnel details. I tried re-entering the address and it told me that the address was already in use. So, I changed it from x.x.x.151 to x.x.x.152, and then back to x.x.x.151. Now my tunnel is working again.



I used to use the Rebuild Tunnel button also.  It would be nice if this feature could be added rather than requiring the implicit process of changing to an invalid address, then changing back to the valid one.  Even just allowing re-submitting of the same IP endpoint would be nice.