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can't seem to route through remote endpoint

Started by jwind, May 13, 2011, 12:41:02 PM

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I'm having some trouble with my new tunnel, and would appreciate some ideas for where to look next...

I can configure and bring up the tunnel interface device, then ping6 the remote v6 endpoint successfully, but cannot get any traffic to go beyond it.  I've tried setting my v6 default route both with and without an explicit via of the remote tunneled-IP.

I'll additionally note that I have set up a static sixxs.net tunnel with success, using exactly the same set of commands (well, with different IPs, of course) so it doesn't appear to be a local-incapability issue.

Any thoughts on what else I could be checking/changing?

I also notice that reverse dns for the v6 tunnel addresses are still set to some other user's name; could it be that some data/config wasn't properly updated on HE's side when they provisioned my tunnel?  I've already tried removing the tunnel and recreating a new one, to no avail.

Thanks for any advice!


I assume you've removed all of the SIXXS config?

You'll want to shoot an email to ipv6@he.net so they can look into it.


Everything looks configured on our side. I cannot ping6 your side of the tunnel. I've rebuilt it by hand to make sure everything is correct.


Well, that solves that.

What commands did you use to configure the tunnel?


Well that's interesting.

I just brought everything down and back up fresh (about the dozenth time, doing that) and now it's routing just fine, making me look rather stupid, heh.

I'll happily chalk this one up to the 'hand-rebuild mysteriously fixed things'.

So, thanks for that, and for looking into it. :)