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Finding out the cert level of someone via a script.

Started by lynxus, June 09, 2011, 03:28:31 AM

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I have a internal page for people here where we display everyones certs on the page using a code like:

<img src="http://ipv6.he.net/certification/create_badge.php?pass_name=lynxus&amp;badge=2" border="0" />

This is great, However they are obviously unordered.

Is it possible to somehow get the cert level for a user? Id like to rank people by their level.
IE: My page talks to a DB to get the names, Then would like to talk to HE.net to get that users cert level.

This would update the local database and display as needed here ( Querying he.net once an hour or so? )

Is this possible?

it would be great if you had a php page that could just return the level?

would return a blank page with the word "sage" ?

Any thoughts?

Thanks guys


You can get the score for any user from the scoresheet page: http://ipv6.he.net/certification/scoresheet.php?pass_name=jrocha

Currently you'll have to parse the page yourself, and it will only provide you with the raw score. I'll look into seeing if we can provide the level as well.


Thanks man, Would be great ( Even if you hid it inside a html comment ? )


I cant seem to locate what points represent what level?

< 500 - Newb
> 500 & < 1000 = ??


Anyone any ideas?