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Professional rDNS (Which address?)

Started by andronicus, September 30, 2011, 01:05:49 PM

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Hi everyone,

I've been enjoying going through the testing so far, but this one's got me stumped.

For the rDNS setup for the professional (MX) test.  Do I use the tunnel IPv6 address, or the subnet that was assigned to me?  Also, can I use the HE.net DNS service for this?

My server is set up with the tunnel, but I can't figure out how to add a PTR record for it.  If I have to set my server up with an IP from the subnet, I don't really know how.  Do I have to set it up as the router and use that IP?


You use the subnet that was assigned to you (HE doesn't delegate DNS for the tunnel subnet to you)


So if I have a tunnel set up on my server, I should assign the gateway IP of the /64 subnet to the tunnel interface, then assign another ip in the subnet to my NIC with the default gateway set as the tunnel interface?


You have to use the ::2 address of the "tunnel /64" when you make your tunnel.  (It sounds like your tunnel is already working, so you did this right)

You then assign an address out of the "routed /64" to whatever interface connects to the rest of your LAN

Hope that makes sense