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Problems trying to migrate my DNS from EveryDNS to HE.net FreeDNS....

Started by bindless, August 31, 2011, 02:50:43 AM

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(I am an HE.net colo customer)

When I started several years ago as a colo client, HE.net staff suggested I use EveryDNS for my DNS provider. This was a great suggestion as I've been very happy with them, but EveryDNS is shutting their free service down on 8/31/11, so I wanted to move my entries over to HE.net FreeDNS.

I've been having problems trying to enter domain variations into the HE.net FreeDNS application, though.

When I enter an "A" record of the form "mydomain.com" along with an IP address "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx", the system accepts the record.

But when I try to enter another "A" record in the same zone in the form "*.mydomain.com" (note the asterisk) along with the same IP address "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx", the system gives me the following error message "Zone failed validation test. Wildcarding has been disabled due to abuse".

I am just copying my entries from the EveryDNS app, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

I want to make sure that the variations of this domain all resolve to the IP address where the web server for the primary domain is located, so if someone tries to access "img.mydomain.com" or "ftp.mydomain.com" or "fatcity.mydomain.com" they will get the server for the primary domain.

How can I replicate this behavior using the HE.net FreeDNS app?