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ipv6 on IRC

Started by khaotic, September 07, 2008, 10:00:29 AM

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ok, i followed the steps in order to get the tunnel on my pc or whatever...what do i do so i can get it to work on irc?

I want to know like every step


You should be able to reach ipv6 websites and IRC servers by simple connecting to them. When your tunnel is active and working and you visit http://www.ipv6.surfnet.nl/ for example you should see "You are accessing this server over IPv6 from <your ipv6 address>".

For IRC it ain't much different, just connect to an ipv6 supporting IRC server


you can download mirc, then once you install it google for "mircv6" and install the dll's so you can use ipv6 to connect to servers

some efnet ipv6 box's are "irc.ipv6.he.net" or "irc.homelien.no" or "efnet.ipv6.xs4all.nl"

hope this helps :)