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about tunnel

Started by diamondfeather, September 04, 2008, 12:00:12 PM

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how an ipv6 tunnel looks like? and where will you have to write it .. in dos prompt, note pad? :-\


well if your on windows, cmd ya

start > run > cmd

then paste the config steps they give on on the main website after creating the tunnel

make sure to create a tunnel with your ip address of your cable/dsl modem or internet connection (i use ipchicken.com) to find it

then once its setup, scroll down after viewing the connection then select your operating system and you should be good to go !!! :D

to test after doing the paste and enter steps 1 by 1

i do "ping6 ipv6.google.com" to test...

hope this helps bro  ::)


Thankyou for your kind info .. m doin with it now .. i already setup a tunnel broker and got the necessary configuration codes .. after writing it in the DOS console .. it run without any problem .. now when i used to visit www.kame.net website .. i didn see the animated turtle ... its worth to mention here that i m connected via a cable modem.