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HE.net web hosting: dedicated IPv4 included?

Started by isaackwan, October 05, 2011, 04:09:39 AM

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Hi I'm interested in buying web hosting as advertised in http://he.net/web_hosting.html, however I'm not sure with the "Static IPv4 Address" thing. Does that mean dedicated IPv4? How much IPv4 is included? And how much for extra dedi's?


Also according to http://faq.he.net/index.php/Domain_Names, "Domain names are required on all new accounts. If you do not already have one, you can order your account with a domain name not already owned by someone else and it will be registered by Hurricane Electric on your behalf. ", so I assume 1st domain are free?


Yes, you get a static IPv4 address, just 1 however. More importantly, and relevantly, you get a static IPv6 address. You do not get more than 1 IP of either stack, regardless of the hosting level.

No, domains aren't free, we'll submit the registration. You'll get invoiced by the registrar.

Any additional questions about the webhosting service should be directed to support@he.net