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Idea: DNS-O-Matic

Started by mindlesstux, October 14, 2009, 07:38:51 PM

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If we could get HE.net supported by dns-o-matic that would make things really simple for me.  Currently I have 2 scripts to run when I get a new ip, and would like to bring that down to one.

dns-o-matic allows users to send one ip update to them and in turn it would send it out to every.

Any thoughts on working with them for dynamic ip updates?



So this dns-o-matic does what, updates some dyndns service so your $host.$dyndnsdomain is kept updated on ipv4? Not sure what you're asking here, you want to use dns-o-matic to also update your tunnel endpoint IP as well? If so, why can't it?


dns-o-matic, run by the guys who created opendns.  Think of it as a one to many type setup.  They take a ip update and broadcast that update to all the services you setup with them.

Unfortantly tunnelbroker.net is not in there list, and I keep suggesting it via there form but nothing happens, so I figure go the other way.


Currently I  have one script updating dns-o-matic which in turn updates opendns and dyndns for me.  I have to currently either write a second script or update tunnelbroker manually.


Big up ! Very good idea, I have a lot of services to update with dynamic ip and it would be great if only one cron job is needed for all !