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Started by broquea, July 23, 2008, 06:12:42 PM

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Tomorrow we will be migrating the website to new hardware and an updated platform.

We are starting around 12PM Pacific, and we expect to be completed at the VERY latest by 5PM Pacific.

Please report any bugs you encounter to ipv6@he.net and not on the forums (that way we get them emailed to us directly!)


Maintenance has completed.

There are some new features we are able to provide now:

  • Multiple tunnels per account
  • Ability to combine tunnels from other accounts into a single account
  • Help Balloons on Tunnel Details page

Again, if you are experiencing any problems, please email ipv6@he.net right away.


Couple of notes regarding the updated web interface:

1) To update your tunnel's IPv4 endpoint, click on the tunnel for the details page, then click on your listed IPv4 endpoint. This will open a new page where you enter your new IPv4 endpoint address, and click submit to make the change.

2) To update rDNS server entires for your ROUTED /64 & /48 blocks, again go to the tunnel's details page and click on the link which will either be "none" if you haven't set any yet, or whatever you currently have set. This will take you to a page to update the rDNS server entires.

3) To allocate a routed /48, again go to the tunnel's details page and click on "Allocate". This will allocate and statically route a single /48 through your side of the IPv6 tunnel.

4) To merge tunnels from multiple accounts into a single, each tunnel should have a "Claim code". Pick the account you want to have as a master account, and ignore it's claim code. Log in as your other accounts, and copy down their claim codes. Under that master account, you'll see "Combine Tunnels" which you will click, and follow the directions on screen. Once you've claimed a second tunnel or simply created one, that master account will no longer have a claim code associated with it. Any account that you've used a claim code from, will be deactivated and no longer able to log in.