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Using the routed /64

Started by TheBadShepperd, August 09, 2011, 05:20:56 PM

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This is probably one of the stupider questions on this forum, but I'm defiantly not an expert with DNS/IPv6/Networking.

I've successfully set up a tunnel and am able to access IPv6 sites and services normally, but my IP is the Client IPv6 Address rather than my Routed /64.

What do I need to do (In Windows 7 *and* Ubuntu Linux, please) to use an address from my /64?

In case it is needed:

Client IPv6 Address: 2001:470:1f04:1efd::2/64

Routed /64:            2001:470:1f05:1efc::/64

Thanks in advanced!


For windows 7 you can add a static ipv6 address the same way you add a static ipv4 address..just choose the ipv6 adapter instead.  Use an address from your routed /64 and the gateway is the ipv6 address on the inside of your firewall


In *nix (and Ubuntu) you can add IP addresses using virtual interfaces.

There are tons of tutorials on how do it just google "linux multiple ip address eth0" as an example.
From the top of my head though it's done like this:

# vim /etc/network/interfaces
then add more interfaces:

auto sit1:0
iface sit1:0 inet static
address ...

auto sit1:1
iface sit1:1 inet static
address ...

auto sit1:2
iface sit1:2 inet static
address ...

Make sure you keep your original "sit1" without any ":" at the end.
Then restart your networking which in Ubuntu is done with:
# /etc/init.d/networking restart


Actually an easier way on Ubuntu is to just type as root:
# ip addr add 2001:a::3/64 dev sit1
# ip addr add 2001:a::4/64 dev sit1
# ip addr add 2001:a::5/64 dev sit1

You may not need the /64, try both.


This topic or one like is definitely good reading for Newbies and Explorers like myself.