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Do you support Teredo/Miredo Tunnels

Started by paulptcprestelco, March 29, 2012, 05:12:23 AM

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From Wikipedia:

In Q1 2009, IPv6 backbone Hurricane Electric enabled 14 Teredo relays[1] in an anycast implementation and advertising 2001::/32 globally. The relays were located in Seattle, Fremont, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Toronto, New York, Ashburn, Miami, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Hong Kong.

However I can't find any useful references to Teredo on your site

P.S. It would be helpful if your tunnel broker page indicated that it is for 6to4 tunnels


There's not much to say about them, really.  Teredo being an automatic tunnel mechanism, similar to 6to4, there's no real configuration.  If you're trying to use Teredo, and one of the relays is logically closest, it'll wind up going there.  If someone else's is closer, you'll use theirs.  This kind of haphazard behaviour is why automatic tunnel mechanisms tend to not be as robust or recommended, and something more deterministic like 6in4 (like this service), or even better, native, is preferred.