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Benefits of ASN and PI IPv6 addresses for small business

Started by sejong, May 16, 2012, 06:43:48 AM

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What are the benefits of getting an Autonomous System number (ASN) and provider-independent IPv6 addresses for a small business? From ARIN, the initial cost looks like $500 for the ASN and $1250 for the minimum address assignment.  This is not a show-stopping amount, but it is not inconsiderable either.  Is a BGP-capable router required?  Thanks.


The two big advantages are you can multi-home (use two or more different providers) with the same IP range, offering redundancy, so if one goes down.

The second, is you can move between providers without having to renumber (change out your IP's).

Both of these are very distinct for someone running their own servers.

If you're not actually hosting anything, then there really isn't much of an advantage.

As to the question of having your own BGP capable router, while highly advisable, not absolutely required.  By doing BGP on your side, if the link drops, BGP adjusts and you're still in business.  If you have your provider advertise your IP space, and your link drops, if they continue to advertise, there could be problems reaching your IP space.