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Protocol to identify IPv6 stack

Started by kasperd, May 21, 2012, 01:43:55 AM

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I have an IPv6 stack where I'd like to add a feature to remotely identify which stack is being used (with an option to turn this feature on and off). For my usage, I need this to be stateless. For example the finger protocol is not suitable for me, since it runs on TCP, which is stateful.

Is there some standard protocol I could use for such a purpose? The best option that have come to my mind so far is to use DNS. I could use dig to send a TXT query to the IPv6 stack I want to identify and have the stack reply with a TXT record describing it. But I imagine there exist a protocol which is more suitable for this than DNS. Can anybody point me at some suitable protocol that I could use?


RFC4620 might be a more suitable solution for me. It is marked experimental, but I found that the most recent Ubuntu has an RFC4620 client built into the ping command.