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not passing rDNS tests

Started by contactjt, September 19, 2012, 09:27:47 AM

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Anyone want to triple check  my work here?

root@nps-server:~# dig jt.ignorelist.com MX +short
10 mx1.jt.ignorelist.com.
root@nps-server:~# dig mx1.jt.ignorelist.com AAAA +short
root@nps-server:~# dig -x 2001:470:d:d70::2  +short
root@nps-server:~# host mx1.jt.ignorelist.com
mx1.jt.ignorelist.com has IPv6 address 2001:470:d:d70::2
root@nps-server:~# host 2001:470:d:d70::2 domain name pointer mx1.jt.ignorelist.com.

All that looks good to me. I am pretty sure that it may be trying my old domain which I never did get working. Although it did send me the email at my new domain and all of earlier steps work. Anyway unless you guys can find something I am going to contact HE.


And the email address used was @jt.ignorelist.com? Because ignorelist.com doesn't have an MX record, let alone any AAAA records for that or www. You could also always reset the tests back to having passed explorer and submit all your stuff again. Should go quickly if you've already got it all set up. To reset, go read their online FAQ, it has 2 entries about resetting the cert tests.


That was it, a simple reset and I am free to move forward. I would like to say that will teach me to ignore FAQ's but I likely won't learn.