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Do tunnels support IPsec?

Started by phillipsjk, September 24, 2012, 04:44:04 PM

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Since signing up (the first time), I have become interested in the local Pirate Party, and have been cyptographically signing my e-mail since June of 2011. What prompted this was a change in my ISP's Terms of Service (that was not advertised)
Quote from: Uniserve
28.v Advertising-UNISERVE shall have the right, without notice, to insert advertising data into the Internet browser used by a UNSERVE customer, and transferred to a UNISERVE customer over UNISERVE's network, so long as this does not involve UNISERVE transmitting any personal information of the customer to whom such data is sent in contravention of the UNISERVE Privacy Commitment;
- https://www.uniserve.com/about/terms-of-service/

I interpret that to mean they installed intercept equipment and may use it to tamper with my Internet connection at any time. I am in the process of securing "real" Internet access (that allows server hosting) with another ISP.

Prior to that incident, I didn't see the point of ubiquitous encryption and authentication. I would now like to secure my IPv6 tunnel, at the very least, with authentication. If the NSA wants to see all my packets, I suppose I can live without encryption. My new ISP has an indemnity clause in their TOS/AUP as well. It may reduce my ISP's liability if I can encrypt the tunnel.


James Phillips


The tunnelbroker.net 6in4 tunnels provided as free are not IPSEC tunnels. You could always inquire about paid services :)


I am not opposed to paying for such services in principle.
A quick look at HE's pages does not hint at anything obvious:
My posting can probably be best seen as a feature request.

I don't actually use credit cards, so any business would either have to have a mailing address, or support Bitcoin (when I finally get a computer secured well enough that I would consider putting Bitcoin on it).


I guess they don't, since I haven't seen any information about it anywhere. I don't know of any tunnel provider, which do support IPsec. As far as I know SixXS supports the AYIYA protocol, which also has protection against packets being mangled. It is not exactly IPsec, but it may be sufficient for you. AYIYA does not have encryption, but from your description it sounds like that might not be necessary.