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Forward DNS for tunnel endpoints

Started by joehe, November 20, 2008, 07:02:37 AM

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The tunnel endpoints (*::1 and *::2) have automatic rDNS, but the corresponding forward lookup always results in NXDOMAIN for me. Is this normal, or did I make a mistake in the setup? Basically, do a rDNS lookup on the client endpoint, and then try to look up the resulting hostname. This results in NXDOMAIN here.

So mail servers which do the standard reverse-and-forward DNS validation (IPv6 -> rDNS -> IPv6 must match connecting IPv6), will block me because they can't do the last step.

Am I not supposed to use the tunnel endpoint directly? Do I have to use a different IPv6 and setup rDNS delegation to make this work? That'd be a pain...

The tunnel itself works fine though.


No, you're nost supposed to use the tunnel endpoints directly.  Use your routed /48 or /64 allocation for your mail server.


You need to set up both forward DNS and reverse DNS for the IPv6 address that your mail server uses. You need to give your mail server an IPb6 address in your subnet other than the *::1 and *::2 and set up all the DNS records yourself.