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Attention Sages!

Started by broquea, May 15, 2010, 04:58:35 PM

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Hurricane Electric would like to send you an "IPv6" T-shirt!

Please log into http://ipv6.he.net/certification/, and verify your address information which will only be used for shipping out this T-shirt.

After making certain it is correct (remember to click "Update Info" if you made changes, before validating), you will see T-shirt size selections for S/M/L/XL/XXL, and a button that will submit your preferred shirt size and log that you have validated your address.

This is optional, and will only be sent to validated addresses.

We'll be adding on some points to your score for Sages that want to get a T-shirt!


Seeing good numbers climbing of validated Sages. We'll be working on getting out the t-shirts probably around the end of June. We need to make sure we get enough of each size before getting them out to all of you.


We are adding XXXL to shirt sizes. If you'd like one at that size, please click on "update info" to clear validation so you can pick XXXL and re-validate.


I've spoken with the HE.NET staff that has been coordinating with the T-Shirt vendor & shipper. T-shirts began shipping this week, and the 600+ we ordered in June should all be on their way as of this Friday July 23rd, 2010.

There will be another batch in August to catch up with all the new Sages.


Second batch of T-shirts are being tallied tonight at midnight Pacific...so 00:00 on 8/7/2010, and order will go to vendor on Monday.


First round of shirts went out 3 weeks ago. 688 of them! They were shipped using USPS, so if you are outside the US, expect it to arrive via your country's postal system.

Second round of shirts has been tabulated and we're looking at another 90+ to get printed and shipped out using USPS again directly from the vendor.