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Setting up PTR record

Started by ravenstar, November 02, 2012, 01:51:30 AM

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I have been trying to set a PTR record using the add record tool.

I have tried this 2 different ways.
Firstly I used the ip6.arpa nibble notation in the name field and mail.timothydutton.co.uk in the Host field.
This appears to give the correct format however the nibble notation ended ip6.arpa.timothydutton.co.uk. which I believe was incorrect.

I have also tried using mail in the name field and the ip6.arpa. address in the host field.  However this also fails to give a working PTR record.

Can anyone please advise the correct way to enter the PTR record into my domain.  I only have a single PC so I do not run any name servers at home.

Thanks in advance



The result you posted implies that you're trying to set up your PTR record in your domain's forward zone.  Such is incorrect.
PTR records (of the usage you want) belong in a reverse zone.


Can I set up a reverse zone with he.net or do I need to run my own name server to define one?


Definitely can use dns.he.net for rdns. Just have to make certain that your provider has delegated it to the 5 HE.NET nameservers. If it is a tunnel from HE, then even easier. You can log into the broker, look at tunnel details and make certain it is delegated to he.net. Then in dns.he.net, you should already see rDNS zones for the tunnel(s), and then you go into those and create PTR records. Now the difference will be that with the tunnel, you do *NOT* get to modify the existing rDNS PTR entries for the tunnel's point-to-point /64 allocation. Only the statically routed /64 or /48 subnets.



Just wanted to say many thanks for all your help.  I have now delegated the tunnel routed IPv6 /64 to he.net nameservers as advised and I now have the reverse zone working.