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Update - 8 February 2013

Started by kcochran, February 08, 2013, 01:17:58 PM

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Due to an increase in email abuse, new non-BGP tunnels now have SMTP blocked by default.  If you are a Sage, you can re-enable SMTP by visiting the tunnel details page for that specific tunnel and selecting the 'Unblock SMTP' option under the Advanced tab.  Because this is now also being abused, we've disabled SMTP for new accounts for now, and the Sage removal is not available for those.  If you need SMTP (tcp/25), please email ipv6@he.net and explain your need for it.  SMTP-MSA (tcp/587) is unaffected.  Existing tunnels have not been filtered.

This does not affect the IPv6 Certification e-mail tests, since that traffic is still explicitly permitted.

Here's the matrix of how the blocking is implemented, since people seem to be a little confused.
Account DateTunnel DateCertification LevelSMTP Status
Before this postBefore this postAnyNot filtered
Before this postAfter this postNot SageFiltered
Before this postAfter this postSageOption to unfilter under 'Advanced'
After this postn/aNot SageFiltered.  Complete Sage level and contact ipv6@he.net as above, with your use justification..
After this postn/aSageFiltered.  Contact ipv6@he.net as above, with your use justification.