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Tunnel on Windows 8 Machine - Other PC's can't use tunnel after reboot

Started by ravenstar, February 23, 2013, 03:59:12 AM

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I have moved my HE.net tunnel to a Windows 8 Pro Machine

I have set up RA to point to other machines on the Network and all seems well until I reboot the W8 Machine

After reboot the Windows 8 Machine can still see and use the Tunnel yet the other devices no longer appear to have a valid IPv6 route, although Pinging google.com does show it's resolving the IPv6 address correctly.

The Tunnel route has been published and is showing as persistent.

Currently the only way I have managed to get it working on all connected machines is to delete the tunnel and re invoke it.  Although thankfully I don't have to reset the RA settup for the ethernet device.

The W8 machine is set to receive a fixed IP via DHCP reservation.



So even if you use the tunnel  on the win8 machine then try to use a client, it still won't work?  If it doesn't work, can the clients ping the ipv6 router?


After reboot -Attempting to ping google.com from laptop fails
                   Pinging google.com from W8 machine that is hosting tunnel succeeds
                   Pinging W8 machine form laptop succeeds.

I attempted to delete and recreate the ::/0 ip6tunnel 2001:470:1f08::1 route, no success
Upon deleting the tunnel and recreating it and readding the route above, the laptop was able to ping google.com.

I'm thinking the next step is to reverse it and end the tunnel on the Laptop which is running W7 and see if I get different behaviour from the laptop or the same issue.




Just moved the Tunnel onto a laptop running W7 home.

After rebooting the W7 machine the tunnel starts running and the W8 machine can access the tunnel on the W7 machine without having to mess around.
Yet another bug in W8 I fear.  I notice that the some adapter options are different by default.
Forwarding is disabled by default on W7 yet enabled by default on W8



Wanted to add an update to my problem and see if you guys can suggest a fix

moved the tunnel back to the W8 box.

I had fast restart disabled in the power options as I wanted to be able to use WOL
reenabling this saves some states to disk to allow for faster reboot times - This allowed me to retain the use of the tunnel on reboot - as did use of hibernate

However using the Restart option the problem still persisted.

Using wireshark on the tunnel machine I can see ping requests on their way from the laptop to google.com and I also see the replies coming back

4041   149.701981000   2001:470:1f09:2bf:85e9:9590:8ee6:a7a0   2a00:1450:4009:803::100e   ICMPv6   114   Echo (ping) request id=0x0001, seq=101
4042   149.746303000   2a00:1450:4009:803::100e   2001:470:1f09:2bf:85e9:9590:8ee6:a7a0   ICMPv6   114   Echo (ping) reply id=0x0001, seq=101

However the replies do not make it back to the laptop.

I can ping the laptops link local and ipv6 address from the tunnel machine
PS C:\Users\Timothy> ping 2001:470:1f09:2bf:85e9:9590:8ee6:a7a0

Pinging 2001:470:1f09:2bf:85e9:9590:8ee6:a7a0 with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from 2001:470:1f09:2bf:85e9:9590:8ee6:a7a0: time=1ms
Reply from 2001:470:1f09:2bf:85e9:9590:8ee6:a7a0: time<1ms
Reply from 2001:470:1f09:2bf:85e9:9590:8ee6:a7a0: time<1ms
Reply from 2001:470:1f09:2bf:85e9:9590:8ee6:a7a0: time<1ms

Ping statistics for 2001:470:1f09:2bf:85e9:9590:8ee6:a7a0:
   Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
   Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 1ms, Average = 0ms

I assume at this point I may need to hit the Microsoft forums as well

Any thoughts would be appreciated at this point, it's got me baffled as to why it's misbehaving like this.

Edit - I have created a bat file to delete and restore the tunnel which works as a stopgap measure.