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Tunnel ipv6 on Windows xp SP3

Started by marins82, July 15, 2013, 09:28:26 AM

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I followed the instructions, as recommended by the tunnel!
but I can not browse, open sites in ipv6 .. I also tried to disable the windows firewall but nothing new.

I installed ipv6 and inserted these
ipv6 install
ipv6 rtu :: / 0 2 / :: $ ipv4a pub
ipv6 adu 2 / $ ipv6b

Someone has resolved?


Or you could get a modern OS ;)

Are you behind a NAT?


yes, I have the address of the PC NAT
but if I reset the network card tcp / ip ipv4 does not work the same!
I get on well with win xp and now want to change it nn.