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Tunnel0 on Cisco router - 1125 MaxBytes?

Started by carrerasg, December 09, 2008, 05:12:22 PM

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I just recently installed mrtg in order to monitor my router.  When I ran the configmaker and generated the webpages I was kind of surprised to find that the MaxBytes for Tunnel0 was listed as 1125 Bytes.  All of my other interfaces show what I would expect to see, for example FastEthernet1 is listed as 12.5MBytes.

Can anyone explain why that might be?  I've tried searching the web and, although I haven't found the reason why, I have seen that several others seem to have the same configuration (although they don't seem concerned about it).

Anyway, if anyone has the answer I'd sure appreciate the answer.

EDIT:  After some experimentation with changing values for MaxBytes I believe this must be an error made somehow when configmaker generates the configuration file.  According to the mrtg docs, if MaxBytes is set too low, mrtg will ignore the returned values.  I set MaxBytes to 12500000 like the other interfaces and now it returns results that actually reflect my connection.  Sorry to waste the forum space, maybe somebody else will find this post useful though.