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Alternate port choice for web server test?

Started by emosburg, November 25, 2013, 04:30:25 PM

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I'm working on the IPV6 certification step for "enthusiast", have set up a AAAA record with HE DNS and pointed my domain at their DNS servers with no problem.  My ISP blocks port 80.  I tried to enter 'http://mysitename.com:8080' as a URL, and received a "No AAAA record found" message from the test page.  The same name without the alternate port designation finds a AAAA record successfully.  I have verified port forwarding on my router, and can hit my web server with a listener on port 8080 without a hitch using other tools.

Is there a way to request the web test on a port other than 80?


Have you used a packet sniffer to see what's going on?  I'm not entirely sure that what you're describing is actually happening.


They give you native IPv6 and filter out port 80?
Also provide a domainname if you want help. Obfuscation doesn't work.


The test can also go over SSL (tcp/443).  We don't enforce strict certificate checking on the test, since the objectives do not include if you can get a root signed cert.


kcochran: Thanks for your suggestion, the test worked fine once I put up an HTTPS listener on the default port.