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Wraith bot running via your network disabled IPv6 IRC connectivity for j4jackj-*

Started by j4jackj, January 27, 2014, 05:18:05 PM

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A wraith bot, before you ask, is a bot that can protect channels on IRC networks with no channel protection service of their own.

I used one of them until you unkindly cut off both SMTP (which I never used) and IRC (service for which I thank you dearly).
A little background, Wraith hammers the IRC server with connections if it cannot connect (due to K:lines for example).
By hammer, I mean reconnect and reconnect until the bot becomes connected to IRC.

Now I know this behaviour is considered abusive, but I've fixed the problem by turning off Wraith entirely, at least until the G:line and K:lines I have been given expire.


So your bot hammers an IRC server, gets you k-lined, then your tunnel probably gets reported to abuse and filtered, and your plan is to temporarily disable the bot until the k-line goes away and then start it up again?

The IRC filter will probably remain, so yeah, k-line removed won't matter. Maybe not running a bot that, by admission of design, hammers/abuses an IRC server.



And rt now I have it turned off until the g-line expires.

Sir/miss, I was also using the tunnel for legitimate purposes. An eggdrop, or in fact a ZNC would behave exactly the same way.

Again, Wraith does not hammer the IRC server. I may have used the wrong word there.

It does reconnect at very short intervals.


Hammering by constantly opening connections to have the server waste cycles before the k-line drops the connection, and having to force their server to do that over and over and over and over again, is pretty much a good definition of abuse.

Point being, regardless of g/k-line being removed, if your tunnel is filtered from connecting to IRC services, you won't connect to IRC services.


The K:line is about 10 days at its longest and 2 days on all servers, so can you make the block, what, 4 days long? Or are you making it permanent?

I can promise you I will kill the bots if they hammer the server again, or I will implement an abuse prevention system in the form of increased reconnect intervals of 120 seconds between reconnects.