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NNTP/Usenet over IPv6

Started by yukichigai, April 08, 2014, 02:10:00 PM

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Not long after I got my IPv6 tunnel up and running I discovered there were two free IPv6-only usenet servers available.  After testing access to them successfully I added them as backups for my main usenet provider.

A little while ago my main provider went down for a bit, and thus my software switched to the free servers during that time.  Unfortunately it seems something has changed since I tested several months ago, as both were effectively unusable: one would return "article not found" for everything, the other would send articles at 0.01kb/s.  After talking to other people with HE tunnels I've found that this is not a unique experience either.  Many people are reporting the exact same thing.

Long story short, I'm wondering if HE has started doing any kind of traffic shaping or something else which would interfere with NNTP traffic over the tunnel.



Alright, thanks for the quick reply.  Looks like both those servers are doing something to exclude HE tunnel users.  How unkind of them.


I run a private NNTP server over IPv6 and I haven't noticed anything either.  Maybe they don't like you. :-(