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6in6 tunnel broker

Started by kasperd, February 16, 2014, 02:34:06 AM

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Could anybody tell me, if there is a 6in6 tunnel broker around. I have found that for a laptop 6in4 doesn't quite cut it. Not all of the networks I connect to support 6in4, and using tunnelbroker.net additionally require the IPv4 address to respond to ICMP echo requests, which further reduces the number of networks through which I can use the tunnel. During my latest trip I found the ICMP check to reject every network with protocol 41 support and accept every network without protocol 41 support.

I believe 6in6 would do much better, since on every network where 6in4 could be used, I can also use 6in6 (by running it on top of 6in4, 6to4 or Teredo if need be). Plus there could be networks on which I can use 6in6, but I could not get 6in4 working.


How could you use a 6in6 tunnel if you don't have native IPv6 and can't set up a 6in4 tunnel? Why would you need a tunnel in the first place if you already have IPv6 connectivity? ???