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You have already created the maximum number of tunnels today. Please try again

Started by ThomasSchallar, July 04, 2014, 10:19:56 PM

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It is true, that I created three tunnels in the last hour. But

  • it would be great, to show any information/hint/warning, when creating the third (last possible) tunnel. How should I know about any limit there?
  • why can I only create three tunnels per 24 hours, when I can create five tunnels in total? If you really need a daily limit, then "five" would seem more logical to me.
  • I DELETED every tunnels, BEFORE creating a new one, because the newly created tunnels did not work. So I tried out different locations, before recognizing my own fault (forgot `tunnel vrf´). Overall, I have no more tunnels now, than I had 24hrs ago. That, too, should be considered when limiting tunnel creation.
Just some thougths from a happy user... (apart from that ;) )


Historically there was an issue with abusive users constantly creating and deleting tunnels repeatedly. Call it collateral damage in curtailing the abusers.